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22 August
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all. that. I. can. be. is. just. me.
a tribe called quest, abnormality, alcohol, alice in wonderland, aliens, anarchy, anubis, archimedes, bastet, beaches, beer, berthold brecht, blink 182, bob marley, boehse onkelz, books, boys, candlelight, candles, carpe noctem, champagne, children of bodom, chilling, crazytown, creed, crossover, cuddling, cutting myself, dancing, darkness, decadence, destruction, die aerzte, dmx, dreadlocks, dreaming, drinking, drugs, dusty springfield, dying hair, eristoff, fate, feelings, feminism, fire, flirting, friends, fucking, gauloises, glow, goethes erben, going out, goldfinger, gothic, green day, h-blockx, halfbaked, hate, him, hip hop, hippies, honore de balzac, house of pain, insanity, isis, jamaica, janis joplin, jimmy cliff, josephine baker, kisses, kissing, korn, krs one, lagwagon, laughing, letters, lewis caroll, limp bizkit, love, malibu, mandalas, marihuana, marilyn manson, marion zimmer bradley, mark twain, mental illness, metallica, mice, moonlight, mp3s, music, mxpx, napster, nights, nirvana, nofx, opm, oral sex, osiris, papa roach, partys, philosophy, piercings, placebo, poems, psychedelics, psychology, punk, rage against the machine, rain, rats, reading, red bull, red hot chili peppers, red wine, reggae, rocking, sarcasm, sense, sex, sexuality, shopping, silence, silverchair, sitcoms, sixties, sleeping, slipknot, smoking, stephen king, strawberrys, sucking, suicide, summer, sunsets, sunshine, tattoos, tears, the offspring, thinking, thomas d, thoughts, tocotronic, vinyl, vodka, weed, wheatus, wizo, wu-tang clan, xavier naidoo